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International Scientific Autumn School

High Sensitivity Magnetometers
"Sensors & Applications"

3th Edition
September 24 - 28, 2007, Blainville sur Mer (50), Normandy, FRANCE

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GDR Ondes ENSICAEN Université de Caen - Basse Normandie


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Nine and four years ago, in June 1997 and October 2002, two schools entitled "Highly Sensitive Magnetometers: Sensors and Applications" were organized at "Les houches" and "PortBail" France, respectively. School received over 50 to 70 participants (students, researchers and engineers) coming from more than ten countries.

Some progresses in highly sensitive devices and new perspectives have been reported since the last meeting. Finally, because there is a great number of new or old applications using highly sensitive magnetometer with various operating conditions, we believe that it's time to the 3rd school dedicated to highly sensitive magnetometers and theirs applications. Also, we could check their performances (dynamic range, noise, bandwidth, spatial resolution...) in order to compare their (intrinsic and extrinsic) performances.

It should be directed both towards researchers in the field of improved or new magnetic sensors and towards end-users who work with highly sensitive devices.

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Sébastien Saez

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