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International Scientific Autumn School

High Sensitivity Magnetometers
"Sensors & Applications"

3th Edition
September 24 - 28, 2007, Blainville sur Mer (50), Normandy, FRANCE

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GDR Ondes ENSICAEN Université de Caen - Basse Normandie

School Program with confirmed lecturers (Sept. 24-28, 2007):

Accommodation will be arranged for participants arriving on Sunday evening (after 18 h.) with dinner at 20H30-21H30.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7h15-8h15 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
8h30-9h10 Late Arrival Absolute magnetometers



P. Joubert

Magnetic anomaly detection

P. Ripka

Metrological applications

L. Devoillé

9h10-9h50 Hall sensor

R. Popovic

Chip scale atomic magnetometer

J. Kitching

Space Magnetometry

C. Coillot


H. Nowak

9h50-10h10 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
10h10-10h50 SQUID

D. Drung

New Perspectives

M. Tondra

Low field NMR Imaging

C. Fermon

Modelization problematic

D. Prémel

10h50-11h30 Magneto-electric sensors

D. Viehland

Round table: Sensors Synthesis and prospectives
11h30-12h10 Opening & Introduction

C. Dolabdjian

Proposal for Spintronic fT!

S. Bandyopadhyay

Lunch NDE

A. Yasan

Round table: Applications Synthesis and Future Trends
Welcome Aperitif & Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
14h00-14h40 Magnetic Sensors Overview

D. Pappas

MagnetoStrictive Delay Lines

E. Hristoforou

Departure: 13H00 Sightseeing tour at corsair city of St Malo Biomagnetism I

A. Braginski

14h40-15h20 MagnetoInductive sensors

D. Ménard

15h20-16h00 Sensor Specifications

C. Dolabdjian

MR to Spintronic sensors

M. Tondra

Biomagnetism II

F. Ludwig

16h00-16h20 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
16h20-17h00 Implementation (FB, Ampli., Mod.)

C. Dolabdjian

Hybrid Sensors

M. Pannetier-Lecoeur

Electro-Magnetism Duality

D. Robbes

17h00-17h40 Noise and Noise source rejection

S. Saez

Poster presentation
Experimental Magnetic Sensor Characterization

C. Dolabdjian / S. Saez

Informal exchange
Poster presentation
Experimental Magnetic Sensor Characterization

C. Dolabdjian / S. Saez

Informal exchange
17h40-18h00 Presentation of GREYC laboratory

19h30-20h30 Dinner Dinner Fall school Dinner Dinner

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Sébastien Saez

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